"A Journey Inside"
Meditative Sound Waves & Light Immersion 
Katherine Prado Johnson welcomes you to "KOsmosis" Sonic Experience where healers meet artists. Katherine is a trained opera singer originally form Chile, her love for music has taken her to explore diverse forms of music including "Holistic Voice & Sound Therapy". In her wave sonic immersions workshops & events she works with transformative sacred live instruments such us Gongs, Himalayan -Crystal Bowls, Conch Shells, Bird Whistles from the Amazon, Condor Feathers from Patagonia, chimes, rain sticks, Ocean drums  & Passive Voice to create a powerful live sound bath mixed with powerful live visuals. She is collaborating with talented and experienced gong master Aidan McIntyre and visual young artist from Bristol Dylan Isaiah, winning a space to perform at La Biennale 59 anniversary at the opening week from May 6th-12th 2019.  

    Photos & Live Videos

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Katy Kosmosis opening Biennale Venize 20

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